Let's hangout! 

Working together 1:1 means you and I will develop a personalized self-care plan to help you reach your goals, boost your wellness, and align your mindset. You'll have full ownership of every step you take with my guidance and support! 

How it works:

  • First, we'll hop on a 20 minute call to clarify you goals and make sure we're a perfect fit to work together!
  • Next, I'll design a personalized mini self-care plan to get you started before our first session
  • Then we'll start the process and get the momentum going! We'll schedule a 90-minute deep dive session to map out your goals, structure your self-care plan, and tap into any mindset blocks you may be facing.
  • From there we'll meet 2-4 times/month either weekly or bi-weekly to seamlessly craft and integrate your habits, let go of things that no longer serve you, and provide balance and structure as you make your dream daily life a reality. (1:1 package lengths are always customized to your unique individual needs but typically clients work with me for 3-6 months).
  • Between calls you'll have unlimited access to me on Voxer so you'll always have guidance and someone to bounce ideas off of when things come up.

Ready to get started?

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In search of individual sessions? I have you covered ;)



Perfect for when you:

  • Are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and need serious clarity on a specific area in your life or situation you're going through
  • Really need to get the momentum going but don't know where to start
  • Need to hash things out and work past a mini block or limiting belief

What's Included:

  • (1) 60 minute coaching session over the phone
  • (1) Week of unlimited Voxer access to me following your session




Perfect for when you:

  • Are ready to step into living daily life aligned with your new sense of self
  • Ready to start showing up in the world and expression who you are but not sure how
  • Are seeking ways to make your life more organized, with less chaos, and more ease + flow

What's included:

  • (2) 60 minute calls
  • Unlimited Voxer access to me between calls and for a week after your last session

Need support but don't have time to carve out
an hour every week?


Having a coach is powerful but sometimes things come up between sessions, blocks show up in the middle of the night, and self-doubt creeps in RIGHT after you were feeling on top of the world. I am now offering a new way to work with me that gives you full access to me whenever, whereever, and for whatever reason that comes up. 

Here's what you get:

  • (1) 90 minute intensive to plan out your goals & micro habits and get clear on what you want to work on regarding your self-care, mindset, time management, etc.
  • (1) Month UNLIMITED Voxer Access to me. Message me day or night, all day or a few times. When things come up, you have questions, or just need to vent, I'm here for you.