Sarah is open, a great listener, and succinct. I thought it would be odd doing coaching over the phone rather than face-to-face, but it's not. She gives great cues that she is really listening to what you are saying. Her guidance is wonderful - nothing is pushed or forced, everything is suggested - if it's not your style then she comes up with something else. Sarah is amazing! I now feel more confident and feel comfortable setting boundaries with people and not feeling guilty about it.

-Wendy Hiles, Chicago, IL

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"Sarah gets me. She listens and she asks questions that make me think -- ones that I would NEVER think to ask myself. Because of this, I understand myself better. I am not only encouraged, but I am supported in every way -- no judgement, but challengement (is that a word? lol). Sarah allows me to be me, she loves me for me, but she also helps me to invite myself to GROW and BE the real me. To actually live authentically. She is intuitive and smart and witty. I love her presence in my life!"

- Bethany Stec Janicek,