Welcome to the Self-Care Alignment Course! Over the next 6 weeks we'll be diving into powerful ways to shift your habits, mindset, and really step into a life you love. Simply follow the navigation links within each page.

If you'd like even more guidance and support you can sign up for the guided email sequence here as well. I'll send you an email each week to remind you of what you'll be working on and how much time you need to schedule for the course materials.

To get started, watch the welcome video below! 

Use the following 42-Day Calendar to help schedule out when you will complete portions of the course content and assignments. You'll see that I have recommended days for various activities but feel free to move things around in ways that feel good to you. Going in the order of the materials and using this as your guide will help ensure that you get the most out of your experience :)

You can add these to your personal calendar, setup Google reminders, or put them in a journal. The next section includes a the ultimate course checklist with estimated completion times to help you keep track of everything and plan ahead.