Self-Care Collective: April 2017

Take a deep breath with me....and are you listening to your body today? This is something I've been trying to come back to. A place, a mantra, a reminder of how to live in the present moment. 


I've made some huge changes to my business over the past couple months and while they may not seem drastic to my audience and all of you, they are some of the most massive shifts I've made yet as I show up, create, and provide support for my clients and readers.

So before we dive into this month's Self-Care Collective (a resource of tips, insights, and mindset shifts to aid in your own self-growth each month), I wanted to take a minute to update you on a few of these big changes.

  1. I've moved over to a new website (you're here, in the right place) but my old domain is going away and as soon as I figure out how to do a proper redirect that URL will soon send you here. 
  2. I've truly embraced that my niche is not yet as focused or "narrowed down" as biz mentors and colleagues may encourage me to do. This has been the BIGGEST mindset block for me when it comes to creating content, courses, and showing up. I keep worrying that I talk about too many broad things. So as of now I've embraced that I still don't quite know the exact direction of all of this, but I do know WHAT I help all of you do and that is step into powerful self-care, empowerment, declutter your mind, and live a more intentional life. And so damn it, that's where I'm going to start as your coach :)

What I've been up to...

I learned some huge lessons this past month as I officially launched my first signature course, the Self-Care Alignment.

Creating a course from my heart and pouring my soul into it was liberating, exciting, and at the core of my creative being. But launching it, talking about it, and staying consistent with that process brought up my own limiting beliefs, fears, and worries. 

But you know what happened by truly stepping into that space? I ended up with some beyond incredible and amazing women in my tribe and in the course that I know will benefit and make shifts in their lives because of the materials. A lesson that if you don't put it out there, other people won't know it exists, and the more you show up as your true and authentic self, the more you'll be able to influence and help others. 

I also had an amazing time running a live workshop on how to create sustainable change. It's made me realize how much I LOVE putting those together and how many more I want to do not only this year but each month. 

Currently reading...

At the beginning of this year I said I was going to read a book a week and while that held strong for a respectable amount of time, this past month led me a little behind. But I'm always here to be real with you guys which is why I'm not ashamed to admit I fell off course. 

It also showed me how easy it is for priorities to change and how I totally could have made the reading still happen, I just....didn't.

I'm currently wrapping up The Handmaid's Tale. It took me a while to get into the rhythm of how the author writes but after about 20 pages I found myself gliding through the pages, enthralled by the story and the idea of society that seems so extreme yet so possible. I don't want to give away too much but it's also now a show on Hulu and the first episode had me hooked!


Realizations and insights...

April is a big month for me. It was the month I got married to my adorable husband in 2014 and it's also the time a year ago back in 2016 that I slipped into my depression. I talk about it often, not to wallow in it but to raise awareness and continue discussions. It's something that's never talked about enough. 

I share my story and the moment that shifted everything in this podcast interview with Just Stay Curious here

More and more I've been reminded to live in the present moment and realizing again how we can't live even 5 minutes into the future, we can only respond to every moment right where we are in the now.

What I'm watching...

  • Just started The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu 
  • InnSaei - A documentary I came across on Netflix about the power (and science behind) intuition

What I've been practicing...

  • Responding vs. reacting to emotions
  • Daily walks while listening to podcasts
  • Deep soulful breathing while envisioning the abundance before me in my life
  • Cleaning things as I go instead of letting things pile up - so much less stress!
  • Taking ownership of my assumptions

Powerful words...


Music that's been fueling my journey...

For you to try...

For the rest of this month whenever you feel like reacting with anger, frustration, or something that doesn't feel aligned with an outcome you're searching for, I challenge you to take 3 deep breaths before responding. Whether its 3 deep breaths before words escape your lips or 3 deep breaths before you make that face (you know what I'm talking about lol). See what happens. Notice what changes. 

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