Hey there! I'm Sarah!

I'm a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Self-Care Strategist, Productivity Blogger, planner addict, and mindset nerd. 

I'm here to help you simplify & declutter your life, prioritize your self-care, and step into mindful wellness practices so you can feel balanced, at ease, and aligned with your true self.

Life can feel so chaotic at times

I've come to accept this. Maybe you have, too. But I also know there are some solid ways to make it less overwhelming. I know you're fed up with a few things. Things that have you:

  • Trying to care about stuff you really don't care about
  • Wasting time and energy on all the "shoulds" in your mind
  • Feeling bogged down with clutter in your life. Digital clutter. Physical clutter. Mental clutter.
  • Feeling drained interacting and placating people who are still sucking the life energy out of you
  • Craving something simpler, easier, calmer. 

All of this comes down to a few major things. And I'm going to be pretty freaking honest with you for a moment. You're handing out way too many fucks. Giving fucks out left and right. Trying to do the best thing, saying yes to everyone and anything....except yourself. 

The good news is that this all ends the moment you decide to put yourself first. 


Hi! I'm Sarah Steckler!

I'm here to support you on simplifying your life while feeling empowered, claiming your voice, making self-care a priority, and knowing what steps to take next without feeling overwhelmed. 

I've had to downsize, shift, and simplify my life 12+ times in the last 10 years. Moving, handling mega life changes, working through depression and anxiety, losing my Father, losing weight, gaining weight, the list goes on. I know how draining it can be to feel when you have to start all over again. And how daunting it can feel to move on leaving past beliefs (and sometimes people) behind. 

I'm here to not only support you but remind you that you already have everything you need to take action and succeed, to reach your goals, and find bliss every morning (well, maybe not EVERY morning) but you feel me, right?

Certificates + Education

  • Master’s Degree, Health & Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Integrative Health Practices (MUIH)
  • Graduate Certificate, Health & Wellness Coaching (Maryland University of Integrative Health)
  • Graduate Certificate, Leadership & Management (City University of Seattle)
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Communications with a Minor in Sociology (Western Washington University)
  • Trained with the International Coaching Federation standards, abiding by the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Chair of a Wellness Team, 2011-2014 (CityU) — Creation of Wellness Programs including a staff wide 12 Week Wellness Course, Lunch & Learns, Wellness Events and Info Fairs
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