Package & Fees*

Package Details & Fees: I understand that this Coaching Package includes the following:

  • (12) 60 minute calls conducted over the phone to be completed within a 3 month period
  • Unlimited Voxer access during the duration of coaching
  • Unlimited Email support during the duration of coaching
  • (3) Monthly installments of $1000

Confidentiality Statement* 

Confidentiality: As your coach, I recognize that within this course of work you may give me the following: future plans, business information, financial information, goals, personal information, and other proprietary information. I will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for my own personal benefit or disclose information to any third party. Certain topics we discuss may be shared anonymously or hypothetically with other coaching professionals for training and/or consultation purposes only. I, Sarah Steckler, will not divulge that you and I are in a coaching relationship without your permission. I will hold everything that we say and do confidential unless you present a physical danger to yourself or others. I will not distribute or share your email, phone number, mailing address, or any other personal information collected from you to anyone else at any time. Please note that unlike a physician or lawyer, our confidentiality agreement is not protected by law. Should it ever happen, I cannot claim in court to be unable to divulge the contents of our conversations.  

Consent to Services*

Commitment. I understand that in order to benefit from coaching, it is important to choose times where I can be free of distractions and focused on the coaching sessions. I have given thought and consideration to the time and mental effort coaching will entail and am ready to commit to regular coaching sessions. I understand that sticking to a session schedule as advised by my coach will allow me to get the most out of my investment in coaching. 

Nature of the relationship: I am aware that the coaching relationship is not a substitute for psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or any medical service. In the event that I feel the need for professional counseling or therapy, it is my responsibility to seek out a licensed professional. If I am already in the care of a mental health professional, I have consulted with them and made them aware of my pursuit of a professional coaching relationship. I enter into coaching with the full understanding that I am responsible for creating my own results. I am hiring Sarah Steckler for the purpose of advising and supporting me with respect to life skills, health & wellness, personal objectives, communication skills, self-worth, and/or assisting in creating a structure for identifying and achieving my goals. I agree that Sarah Steckler is not working as an employment agent, psychotherapist, or professional of any other matter other than a Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

No Guarantees. I understand that each individual is unique and holds their own responsibility for their health/wellness. I acknowledge that I have not received any guarantees or promises as to the results or success that may be obtained through coaching. 

Ethical Standards. I understand that my coach, Sarah Steckler is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach who abides by the International Coach Federation Ethics and Guidelines. I am aware that I can view those on her website at any time.

Scheduling & Cancellation Policy*

Scheduling Deadlines: Please be aware that coaching package sessions must be used within the allotted time frame of the said package. Coaching begins with payment and when the first session is scheduled. Coaching sessions cannot be stretched out over extended periods of time. All coaching sessions (including rescheduling) within a purchased package must be used within the time frame of the offered package and cannot extend past 14 days of the end date of the coaching package.

You may cancel or reschedule an individual session as long as it is done outside of the 24-hour window before our scheduled time.

Cancelled sessions made with 24 hours notice of a scheduled session must be rescheduled within 7 days.

I will initiate our coaching sessions by calling you at our scheduled time with the number you have provided unless otherwise mentioned or agreed upon. If you are late or unavailable, this cuts into our coaching time together. To avoid that, and to make sure that we make the most of our time together, please be punctual. Please note that I will hold a space of 10 minutes if I cannot reach you for a scheduled call. After that time, I will consider our call a “no show” which will result in the loss of that session time.


If it is mutually agreed upon by the coach and client to terminate the coaching relationship prior to the completion of the terms as stated in this agreement, any fees for unused services will be refunded by the coach to the client. Should the client decide to terminate the health coaching relationship without cause, refund of fees for any remaining session(s) will not be made. Refunds will not be issued for completed coaching sessions or session "no shows."

Personal Responsibility:  I understand that regularly scheduled session times must be agreed upon at the start of our work together. I understand that it is my responsibility to schedule coaching session appointments within the online system provided by Sarah Steckler. If I am unable to schedule a session or have issues, I am aware that I must notify Sarah and she can help me schedule a session within the system. Should anything change, I am prepared to make the change to my appointment online (excluding times less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled session), notify Sarah at the end of coaching sessions or by email if a change needs to be made. I am aware that if I cannot find a time that works best for me, I can contact Sarah to setup a time that may not be offered within the appointment system.

As your coach, I am aware that issues and life events may happen that prevent you from being mentally present or able to devote the time necessary to complete coaching assignments and goals. Should this happen, please be aware that you can notify me at any time and we can work on an agreement to postpone or terminate coaching if necessary.

Session Standards & Agreements*

Our coaching relationship functions on agreements, as opposed to expectations. If we notice we have an unmet expectation, we will create a clear agreement around it.

Agreements are an important part of our work together. Please read through each of these agreements. We will discuss them on during our first call together and build on them as needed.


We both agree to be impeccable with our word. We agree to show up on time as both coach and client, keep our commitments, meet our deadlines, and honor what we declare we will do.


You generate the power during our calls. At times, I may raise the flame for you, and provide you with particularly powerful coaching. At other times, I may lower it when I sense that you need time to reflect. You are always in control during coaching. You have the power to decide the direction of each session. If you are not experiencing our time together as powerful, you agree to bring this to our call so that we can address it. My job is to serve you as a coach and provide my expertise within the coaching process. That may mean reflecting things to you that you don’t want to hear, or pointing to something you are afraid of or unwilling to look at. It may also mean challenging you to build your own awareness instead of giving you direct advice.


Your job as a client is to show up, exactly as you are in the moment. Give yourself permission to bring whatever feelings, emotions, frustrations, or resistance you may be experiencing to each session. Doing so will allow you to have powerful breakthroughs in both clarity and awareness. You agree to show up to our calls, as you are and as your coach I will help you begin from that moment.


We agree to be authentic. We agree to “tell on ourselves” when we are being inauthentic. We agree to communicate our beliefs about how the coaching is going, what we are experiencing in the moment, and anything else. If I ever say or do anything that upsets you or otherwise does not feel right to you, you agree to bring it up with me so that I can take ownership and help us move forward together.


As your coach I am here to show up and hold space for you to reflect, build awareness, and experience the emotions that come with great change. This means I show up without judgment or agenda. I am here to walk on this journey with you without a preference for where you want to go other than where you want to be as my client.

As your coach, I am aware that issues and life events may happen. Should an emergency occur, please make sure to contact me so we can discuss options for your specific situation.

By clicking on the checkbox to make your purchase you are agreeing to these terms and have clarified that you have read and understand this coaching agreement.